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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why eBay?

I started eBay over 10 years ago so I could sell toys and clothes that my daughters were growing out of. I realized quite quickly that this could be a way to make some great mad money. Over the years I a have gone back to it to sell things that I picked up at a garage sale or that was no longer needed in my household. "Where is the so and so?" my family would ask. Oops I sold it on eBay. They learned not to let things lay around too long.

I couple of years ago I started getting serious about it and discovered The Ebay Store and Buy it Now. I started going to garage sales and thrift stores looking for things to sell and putting them up for sale at a set price and waiting for someone to buy them without the auction format. It was working and I soon had an inventory of over 300 items that took over my walk-in closet.

Along with my eBay store I love to write and share my knowledge with others that are doing the same. So here is my blog about selling on eBay, staying home, and enjoying life. I hope it inspires you to do the same in your own way with items that you love to sell and profit from.

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