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Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer of 2012 eBay experience.

Wow what a Summer... it started out going from over $1500 in sales in a 31 day period down to $400.... Ahhh what the hell. The only thing that I can chalk it up to is Summer itself... all the kids out of school, playing outside, camping traveling... etc. Basically a lack of people sitting in front of their computers buying my stuff. My mom does this too and say a huge drop in sales as well as several on a few forums that I am on.

At first I panicked and thought about closing shop. My husband said just ride it out... you have been doing great, don't quit now.... Great advice honey. I am back...
Total sales:
This is where I am today and selling things like crazy. I am so excited and it was well worth holding out on. I have been able to help out with bills, food, school supplies and clothes and there is more to come. I am putting money into our checking account daily... 10%. I feel that this flow of money keeps it flowing. The more I make it flow the more comes in. 

Lesson, when things get slow, hang on tight... if it was working once it will come back around again. :)

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