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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Sell Used/New Clothes on eBay.

Do you have clothes that you no longer wear for various reasons? Were you planning on giving them to Goodwill or Salvation Army? What about making a few bucks on them withing the next 3 to 7 days? It is east with eBay. I started out selling used and new clothes from my young daughters as they grew out of them or didn't wear them at all. I went from that to experimenting with selling books, household items, toys, jewelry and many other things around the house that my family or I were no longer using.

As I saw what sold I started hitting garage sales and the local thrift stores to find more to sell. The local Goodwill had an Outlet store int he back that I decided to check out and the rest is history. They had big bins of clothing and household items that I had to dig through to find the good stuff the kicker was all the items were sold as is and by the pound. I found my new resource for inventory. I opened an eBay store and have been selling steadily since. This is my job and allows me to stay home and have personal freedom.

The Steps.

1. Have an eBay and PayPal account open and ready to roll. Both are free to start. I recommend opening your PayPal account first and getting it verified so you can use that account on your eBay account as your source for your eBay fee payments.

2. Find a few items of clothing from around your home and make sure they are clean and free of holes, stains, broken zippers or missing buttons. Check over each garment and think about how you would feel if you bought that item and received it.. how satisfied would you be with the condition?

3. Photograph each item with your digital camera. Here is one of my articles on how to take photos for eBay. ... It is important that you take a few pictures if needed to get angels or close ups on features of the garment like embellishments.

4. List the item. Go through the listing process one step at a time. If there is a fault make sure you list it on the description so the buyer knows what they are paying for. Take your time through this as the first few times it will seem very involved but gets easier the more you do it.

Use the photo editor to make the photos look as nice as possible.

Choose the shipping calculator and weigh the item with the shipping material so you know how much it will weigh when shipped. The calculator will automatically calculate the shipping for where ever the buyer is in the USA.

Choose the starting bid wisely. You can research what other similar items have sold for by going to the "advanced" search option and then check the "completed listings" option to see what the others have sold for and what the bids started at. I think more people are willing to start bidding on a lower price then a higher one. You can play with this and see how it works for you and the items you are selling.

5. Watch the bids fly. If your item doesn't sell you can relist it and change the starting bid or the title to attract more buyers. I also think if you have you auction end on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday that can help since a lot more people are home shopping on the weekends.

6. Recieve payment, Ship and Leave feedback. Your payment for the item plus shipping will be through PayPal. You will be notified via email that you have received your payment. You can then print your shipping label from eBay or PayPal sites and tape it to the package with clear shipping tape right from your printer. Feed back can be left for each buyer. I usually put "A+++ Buyer, Fast Payment, Thank YOu!!"

7. Repeat for each item and start making extra money. You can eventually open an eBay store offering each item at a fixed price and list until sold option. that is what I do. You can see what my store looks like at .... I hope this gets you started in selling and making money on eBay.

For Wholesale Resources to Resell on eBay Click here.

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