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Saturday, December 8, 2012

What To Sell On eBay?

This has to be one of the number one questions that I hear from newbies. When I tell them that I have 400 items in my eBay store and this is my job and allows me to stay home they are inspired to do the same. You have to crawl before you can walk.

I started out selling my daughter's outgrown clothes when she was a toddler and then went on to other items around the house, the leather jacket I wore in high school, totally 80's to the max. Soon I was selling anything that wasn't nailed down and my husband would let me know, "Don't sell this on eBay."

Then I discovered an outlet store that sold clothes by the pound I just had to search through bins of misc. clothes and household items to find the treasures. I found Prada in those bins. I opened an eBay store and the rest is history. It is now my job and continues to allow me to be a stay at home mom with both kids in school.

So that is how it happened for me...a little long and drawn out but you can do it quicker if you are patient at first.

What should you sell? In my opinion you should start out selling what you know. For example if you love fishing find some wholesaler and start selling fishing items. If you like cooking sell kitchen gadgets. If you can't find a wholesaler go to garage sales and thrift stores. Put and ad on Craigslist that you are buying used fiching equipment.

The reason I say sell what you know is because as an eBay seller you have to know what you are selling and what the condition is. For instance, I know little about fishing so if I picked up some reels at a garage sale to sell and I thought they were in great condition with my limited knowledge and sold them on eBay I might get bad feedback when they didn't work properly. If on the other hand I found a nice show bridle at a garage sale for a bargain and listed it on eBay I would know exactly how to list it because I am knowledgeable on horse stuff.

So Start With What You Know....and then branch out from there with other things as you learn about them.

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