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Monday, December 24, 2012

Why did I choose to be an eBay Seller?

When people ask me where I work or what do I do for a living I tell them that I Sell on eBay. The reactions I get are almost 100% positive. Then come the questions...What do you sell?.... Where do you get your inventory? I answer them all and then the conversation goes on. I always try to tell the person that I am chatting with that the reason I do eBay is so I can stay home and make my own hours.

I have always been a free spirit and was raised that way, moving a lot and constantly adapting to new situations. I was also raised by parents that owned and ran a Secondhand/Antique Store in Anacortes, Washington. My dad had a job at the dump and got full salvage rights, both parents garage saled and my dad was always wheeling and dealing for the store and us, the family, cars, furniture, ponies. So I was already learning about buying low and selling higher to make money.

With bargain hunting in my blood and my need to call the shots on my career I chose eBay. I sell mostly used brand name clothes and over the years I get better and better at spotting some great stuff. I enjoy the "hunt" and the selling of the item most. The listing and shipping are just the part that I have to do to make the money. I go to the local outlet thrift store and pay by the pound, digging through bins of items to fine the diamonds in the rough.

The best part of all of this is I don't answer to anyone except myself. The more I work, if I can call it that, the more I make. I can take breaks whenever I want and even when I am busy I only work a few hours a day. I figured it you and I make more than if I went out and got a full time job at minimum wage or better. PLUS.... I am here for our girls. I am here for Summer, Winter and Spring breaks, half days, days off, sick days, snow days, practices, before and after school. I am here when they need me and I know where they are because I am either with them or have approved where they are and who they are with. Being a mom is my most important job and this amazing job that I have found for myself allows me to be the best mom I can be.

So to sum it up my why is my love of finding great stuff to resell, a simple way to turn it over and most of all my ability to have freedom to be me and a mom. What is your why for what you do?
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